A Child’s Way, Established 1979



All areas in the classroom are set up to invite your child's participation.  We feel that the free choice aspect is a very important component of learning.  We plan the activities based on their interests and abilities, incorporating different themes every month.  We set up pre-reading and pre-math activities to interest and attract your child also in the same way we set up other curriculum areas.  As Jean Piaget said, “Children learn by doing”.  We are a hands on program.

Areas to Explore–Our goals for your child

ART - have fun using many different art media, introduce and encourage creativity, understand sequencing when completing a project, and develop fine muscle coordination.

DRAMATIC PLAY - fosters role playing, playing together, increases language and problem solving and to have fun with different theme play areas.

SENSORY PLAY - experience different media with our hands, eyes, ears and taste. A chance to be creative and messy.  A great table to socialize.

BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION - is a much underrated area.  So much learning goes on here.  Children working together using a variety of building materials to create structures, using math concepts to build and talk about their building, making plans and following through with it.  They match materials when cleaning up. It is a great cooperative area.

TABLE TOYS & MANPULATIVES - A chance to complete a puzzle alone or with a friend.  Your child's spatial ability is strengthened here.

COOKING - a great way to introduce children to new foods.  To see a process from the beginning through to its completion and taste the results!  Exposure to numbers and counting.  Working together, listening and following directions.  Looking at a recipe.

GROUP TIME - is a very important time at ACW. It's a chance to learn to be a part of a group, to speak in front of a group, a chance to exchange ideas, listen to stories, work on the calendar, and participate in music and movement. It is a great opportunity to get ready for kindergarten listening expectations.

OUTSIDE PLAY - Running, climbing, biking and ball play all promote large and small muscle strength, growth and development.  It helps build confidence and self esteem.  Great for making friends too.

A field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Special Days

We begin each year with "ME" days.  Every child has a special day to bring a picture of him or herself, to share a favorite toy, and to tell the class about their favorite things in life.  We celebrate each child's birthday.  We celebrate holidays and theme days like Mickey and Minnie Day, Clown Day, Teddy Bear Day and Funny Hat Day.  The end of the school year is celebrated with a graduation ceremony and a picnic.

Field Trips

Every class takes several field trips, throughout the year, by car.  Parents are asked to help with transportation.  The trips include places such as:

Special Guests: